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NKD Brunch aims to combat the difficulties of networking events by bringing together a small group of women, working in the entertainment industry, once a month for a nutritious, delicious brunch.

Here, you have been invited. Here, you belong automatically. Here, you can be yourself.

Say goodbye to the awkward attempts to infiltrate an existing clique, au revoir to the person who’s constantly looking over your left ear to see if someone better has walked into the room, sayōnara to the pile of old business cards you picked up that didn't follow a meaningful conversation, and HOLA to the women at the table.

There’s no hierarchy at NKD Brunch, just women able to be authentically themselves. From executives to assistants, check your ego at the door and know you won’t be getting it back. Instead, you’ll leave with that warm and fuzzy feeling when you make a genuine connection with another person. Perhaps you’ll have already been able to provide support to another person, or leave feeling validated.

NKD Brunch is open to all who identify as women working in the entertainment industry. Register your interest below and I hope to see you at one of our events in the near future.

If you are not based in London or are not yet comfortable taking public transport/being in groups, please specify and hopefully there is enough interest to bring an NKD Brunch to your town or online.


Thanks for registering your interest in NKD Brunch!