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The Schvitz

Based on the play Bubble Schmeisis by Nick Cassenbaum


The Schvitz

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Nick Cassenbaum's award winning one-man stage play, Bubble Schmeisis, took us into a world of sweaty steam baths, where alta kakas take you under their flabby wings and bagels are in fact beigels. The Schvitz is a funny, charming, feel-good short film which puts the specificity of East End Jewish culture on the big screen in a way that is celebratory, nostalgic, and inclusive.

We love films that celebrate British immigrant families like Bend It Like Beckham and East Is East and it's great seeing shows like Unorthodox and Transparent relishing the details of Jewish sub-cultures, but it’s been a long time since British Jews have been able to shine on the big screen (with the exception of Sixty Six). Jewish immigrants have been a key sub-culture in London for more than century, and as the original cultures they brought over with them risk being lost, we want to lovingly celebrate them in a way that breathes new life into them. We want to tell a proudly Jewish story with open arms, which shows the similarities between all different types of immigrant cultures in the diverse melting pot of modern day London.

Writers: Natalie Gothelf & Nick Cassenbaum

Director: Sam Baron (The Orgy)